LearnBoost + Automattic

Thianh Lu // September 25th 2013

We’re thrilled to announce a big step in LearnBoost history – we’re joining the Automattic team, the brilliant folks behind WordPress.com!

Joining Automattic

Three years ago, we created LearnBoost with a mission to provide teachers around the world access to amazing technology. We wanted to make classroom administration simple, streamlined, accessible, and even fun. Today, thousands of teachers make that a reality by grading, lesson planning, reporting, and taking attendance in LearnBoost every day.

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5 quotes you need in your classroom!

Meredith // January 15th 2013 // 

We’ve heard from tons of our teachers that they’re finding and implementing great teaching resources on Pinterest (and we’re grateful that LearnBoost is often one of those resources!). From science projects to classroom management tips, Pinterest has been a phenomenal platform to foster sharing among educators. One of our favorite things about Pinterest is how positive its members are, constantly championing healthy, positive mindsets, inside and outside of the classroom. To that end, we’ve collected some of favorite (p)inspiring quotes from the happy teachers on Pinterest that just happened to be our most popular pins, and we hope you love them just as much as we do!

Pinterest for Teachers

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The Ed-Tech Meetup Gets a Facelift!

Meredith // December 12th 2012 // 

For about 2 years, since I was merely an intern at LearnBoost, I’ve poured my heart into hosting what has become the Bay Area’s longest-standing and largest, ongoing education technology event. Formerly known as the SF Edu Tech Innovators Meetup and rebranded as The Ed-Tech Meetup, the group has steadily grown into a robust community where teachers, entrepreneurs, technologists, and everyone in between come together regularly and forge connections.

The Ed-Tech Meetup

Last night, at the beautiful Parisoma innovation loft in San Francisco, we hosted our 22nd amazing event, and shared some extremely exciting news: the LearnBoost team is passing on The Ed-Tech Meetup to the wonderful folks at Edsurge, the premier ed-tech journalism group. The meetup, with over 1000 strong, has grown up, and in the spirit of realizing the goals we set out with, Edsurge will be charged with continuing the phenomenal growth and success of the group and taking the Ed-Tech movement to new heights!

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