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How can I be sure my data is safe? 

We are a team of Silicon Valley technologists who have invested in the safety of your data. We welcome you to read more about our Security efforts and our Privacy Policy.

What should I do if I believe my Gradebook has been compromised? 

If you believe your Gradebook account has been compromised, change your account password as soon as possible. If you can’t access LearnBoost, submit a bug report, and we’ll help you out in a jiffy!

Can I print a hard copy of my entire Gradebook just in case? 

Printing is easy with LearnBoost. You can print off your entire Gradebook at any point by going to “Settings” and clicking “Print.”

How can I protect my LearnBoost account? 

Follow these guidelines to keep your account secure:

i. Don’t share your LearnBoost password with anyone, and keep it in a safe place. Preferably your mind.

ii. Create a password that is complex, including both numbers and capital letters and other funny stuff like this: $%#&@.

iii. Be sure you have antivirus and internet security software on all computers you use to access LearnBoost.

iv. Don’t install programs from people or companies you don’t know. And don’t take candy from strangers.

v. Learn to identify attempts at Phishing. We’ll let your attempts at fishing slide.

Can LearnBoost employees view my Grades, Lesson Plans and Student Information?  

Your confidential student and course information is stored securely out of sight. It would be viewed only by our technical staff and only in an effort to resolve an issue you may be having with our service.

Can other teachers or administrators at my school see my Gradebook? 

Currently, you are the only one who can see your Gradebook. In the future, we will offer you the option to share all or some of your class information with other teachers and administrators.

If you’d like to share info with your colleagues or administrators in the mean time, you can leverage the gradebook export feature or LearnBoost Backup, which will store a backup of all your LearnBoost files to your computer, to export your data to your hard drive. Just make sure you’re following your school’s confidentiality guidelines!

Can I keep a backup file of all of my LearnBoost data? 

You certainly can. We believe that schools should have control over their own data, so we allow teachers to download, export, reference, and share (very carefully) their data as they see fit. With LearnBoost, you can export your gradebook into a nifty CSV file, or download a zip file of all your data!

You can use LearnBoost Backup to download all of the data that you have stored in LearnBoost right to your hard drive. To get an easy-to-read backup file of your LearnBoost data (grades, attendance, calendar, etc), head to your Settings by clicking the arrow next to your avatar (picture and name) in the top right.

On the right side of the Account tab, you’ll see a section called “Download Your Information.” Click “Download,” and LearnBoost will send you an email letting you know when a tidy zip file of all your data is ready. When you click the link in your email, enter in your LearnBoost password again (extra security measure) and you’ll be taken straight to the Settings account page. The file will immediately begin downloading to your computer. After you download the file, it will be named “first-last-date-time.zip” and you can double click to uncompress and explore the contents of your file.

No need for internet connection to view the files since they’re stored on your hard drive. You can start with index.html and click the links on the sidebar or footer to navigate the data. You can also explore your way thru the files and click on a specific classroom to see the contents. Just note that LearnBoost only stores 4 of your recent downloads on our server, so keep the older versions safe if you’re interested in referencing them frequently!

Can I keep a backup copy of just my Gradebook? 

You bet! All you have to do is export a class’s grade information by clicking the “Settings” button on the Gradebook tab and choosing “Export to CSV.” You will then be prompted to select a location to save the file.

Updated 09.05.2012