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EdWeek Next Gen Leaders: LearnBoost

We’re building a solution to power schools while saving them up to 100% of their administrative software costs with our freemium business model

Post: May 2011
Edukwest EDUKWEST: LearnBoost

A nicely made gradebook with pretty design, easy to create & manage lesson plans, share student progress with parents and integration with Google Apps.

Post: May 2011
Splashlife 30 Under 30: Innovative Educators (LearnBoost)

LearnBoost offers a gradebook, lesson planner, attendance tracker, and calendar, which is all integrated with Google Apps. Did we mention that it’s all free?

Post: May 2011
ReadWriteWeb How To Cope With The Cloud (LearnBoost Case Study)

LearnBoost didn’t suffer any downtime, largely because they took some care with building in redundancy to their apps, and cleverly replicating their data

Post: May 2011
KQED A Call for More Engineers in Education

LearnBoost is not simply re-imagining how a gradebook works but is a leading contributor of open source code.

Post: April 2011
Fortune The AngelList Disruption

…says Rafael Corrales, whose educational startup LearnBoost raised just under $1 million via AngelList.

Post: March 2011
Register The Node Ahead: JavaScript leaps from browser into future

Node drives the length and breadth of the LearnBoost app… and is optimal for the new breed of real-time web apps.

Post: March 2011
WSJ Google Apps Taking Vendors to School

The suite includes access to third-party applications like [LearnBoost] for teachers.

Post: February 2011
ChangeLog Coverage of LearnBoost’s CSS Language: Stylus

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered the latest fresh creation from LearnBoost.

Post: January 2011
Google Enterprise Blog Introducing Google Apps EDU Category

This makes it easier for schools to have more web apps at their fingertips, including popular app LearnBoost.

Post: January 2011
PCWorld Google Adds Education Category

With millions using Google Apps for Education, LearnBoost saw an opportunity to be part of a bigger story in education.

Post: January 2011
Chronicle Google Adds an Education Aisle

LearnBoost, a company that makes online gradebook software, says the new marketplace category will be a boon.

Post: January 2011
TechCrunch Apps Marketplace Gets An Education Category

Specialized apps for schools and universities such as grading software LearnBoost…

Post: January 2011
ReadWriteWeb Top 10 Startups of 2010

LearnBoost has built a product that is not just beautiful but incredibly easy to use. LearnBoost seems to really understand educators’ needs.

Post: December 2010
ReadWriteWeb LearnBoost Crowdsources Its Translation

LearnBoost’s crowdsourced translation echoes the process that Facebook started two years ago, something that proved incredibly successful.

Post: December 2010
Mixergy LearnBoost: Case Study with Rafael Corrales

Rafael is the co-founder of LearnBoost, a free online gradebook and classroom management tool for teachers.

Post: November 2010
ChangeLog Coverage of LearnBoost’s Open Source project Node-canvas

The crazy amount of Node goodness from the bright folks over at LearnBoost gets better: Node Canvas is a server-side implementation of the HTML5 canvas.

Post: November 2010
ReadWriteWeb Interview with Guillermo Rauch, CTO of LearnBoost

LearnBoost was founded to revolutionize education through web technologies.

Post: October 2010
THEJournal Free Online Gradebook Adds iPad Support

LearnBoost has added support for Apple’s iPad to its free online gradebook and classroom management system.

Post: September 2010
ChangeLog Coverage of LearnBoost’s Open Source project Soda

Soda, the latest open source project from LearnBoost, brings Selenium RC to Node.js.

Post: September 2010
ReadWriteWeb LearnBoost on Open Source and Education

Open sourcing can grant substantial awareness and recognition. Such is the case for the gradebook startup LearnBoost.

Post: September 2010

Techcrunch LearnBoost Launches Online Grading Platform

Using LearnBoost’s free teacher gradebook and lesson plan software, teachers can manage their classroom with one account.

Post: August 2010

Xconomy LearnBoost Unveils Free Online Gradebook for Teachers

LearnBoost boasts a level of usability and design sense that’s simply absent from most software tools for educators.

Post: August 2010

ChangeLog Open source podcast featuring LearnBoost’s Socket.IO

The Change Log sat down with Guillermo Rauch from Socket.IO (LearnBoost) to talk about Websockets.

Post: August 2010

ReadWriteWeb LearnBoost Aces the Gradebook

LearnBoost launches today, and it is dead-quick to master and incredibly easy-to-use.

Post: August 2010

Techcrunch LearnBoost Raises $975K To Help Teachers Manage Grades And Classrooms Online

More than just an online grading system, it’s sure to become popular amongst teachers.

Post: July 2010

Thomson peHUB Thomson Reuters peHUB coverage of LearnBoost funding

[LearnBoost] seems to be proving… that the seed-stage boom is being driven by smarter entrepreneurs.

Post: July 2010

ReadWriteWeb Tracking What 21st Century Schools Should Teach

LearnBoost has become the first gradebook and lesson plan software to fully integrate the Common Core State Standards.

Post: August 2010

Xconomy LearnBoost Bets on Better Tools for Teachers

A few exclusive previews illustrate LearnBoost’s emphasis on ease of use… a focus on the user experience akin to Apple’s with zero entry cost.

Post: July 2010

ReadWriteWeb LearnBoost Takes Aim at Legacy Software Systems

The free tool manages gradebooks, lesson plans, attendance and will integrate with Google Calendar – providing one account to manage the classroom.

Post: July 2010

Venture Hacks LearnBoost raises money with AngelList

LearnBoost makes an “easy-to-use online gradebook for teachers.”

Post: July 2010

InfoQ Node.js Ecosystem – Frameworks and Best Practices

Coverage of LearnBoost’s elegant HTTP Socket interface implementation and server

Post: July 2010

MongoDB Node.js and MongoDB

…then Mongoose is the answer. Created by Learnboost, Mongoose sits atop mongodb-node-native, providing a nice API for modeling your application.

Post: July 2010

Github Meet Nodeload, the new Download server

One of the other bonuses of using Node.js: a web socket server for monitoring

Post: July 2010

Techcrunch Dogpatch Labs Unveils New Brood

LearnBoost provides web-based software for students, parents, teachers and admins of grades K-12.

Post: May 2010